Traditional Websites

Traditional websites, also known as static sites, are ideal for businesses and organizations looking for a high-quality website which is developed and maintained solely by 4:13 Design.

Why should I choose a traditional website?

Traditional websites offer a balance of simplicity and flexibility. Both the site’s original design and all future updates require the knowledge of HTML/CSS and possibly other programming languages depending on the design. This type of website is ideal for businesses and organizations that prefer 4:13 Design to develop and maintain their website.

Does 4:13 Design have experience designing traditional website?

Absolutely! As the name suggests, traditional websites were the only option for many years. 4:13 Design has been developing static websites since our beginning in 2008.

What if I want to update my own website?

If you know HTML/CSS, a traditional website may be the best option for you since costs are generally lower. Otherwise, you should consider a WordPress site.

If I choose a traditional website, will 4:13 Design maintain it?

Of course! See our Maintenance Plans & Pricing for more information.

How much do traditional websites cost?

Please refer to our Website Development Packages & Pricing.