Acceptable Use Policy

The following rules and regulations relate to the acceptable use of 4:13 Design’s resources and services. By using any service provided by 4:13 Design or it’s Clients, you agree to abide by this policy, which is subject to change at any time without notice.

Unlawful Use

Clients and Customers of 4:13 Design (“Clients”) and all Visitors, Users, Customers, or Clients using our or any of our Client’s respective websites (“Visitors”) must not use 4:13 Design’s (“4:13 Design” or “Developer”) resources or services for any illegal activity or the conspiracy thereof.

Spam, Phishing, & Hacking

4:13 Design’s resources and services cannot be used for any spamming, phishing, or hacking activities. Spam and phishing emails shall not be sent from any email address associated with any website developed by or hosted through 4:13 Design. In addition, attempted or successful hacking of resources owned, leased, utilized, or managed by 4:13 Design is strictly prohibited. Any prohibited actions will result in immediate suspension of the Client’s or Visitor’s access to all systems and resources, including, but not limited to, website(s), email address(es), email(s), or domain name(s).

Website Content

Clients of 4:13 Design are prohibited from storing or referencing to questionable, unethical, or illegal content on any resources owned, leased, utilized, or managed by 4:13 Design. This content or activity may include, but is not limited to, pornography, gambling, drugs/alcohol, hacking, spam/phishing, violence/hate, terrorism, or activism.

Unlimited Storage and Bandwidth

4:13 Design does not place limits on the storage space or bandwidth used by Client’s websites. All files, however, must be necessary and relevant to the Client’s website.

Abuse of Resources

Website content in violation of the Developer’s Acceptable Use Policy or the policies of its chosen hosting provider is subject to removal. If the Client continues to abuse Developer resources, 4:13 Design reserves the right to terminate the Client’s services without notice or refund. Any Visitors that abuse Developer resources will have their access revoked.

Additional Considerations

4:13 Design uses DreamHost for website & email hosting and domain name registrations. As such, DreamHost’s Acceptable Use and Unlimited policies also apply. Any actions contrary to these policies are in violation of 4:13 Design’s Acceptable Use Policy.

Changes & Consent

The Acceptable Use Policy is subject to change at any time and without notice. Continued use of 4:13 Design’s resources or services implies consent to any changes to this policy.

This policy was last modified on July 23, 2015.

Contacting Us

For any questions regarding this Acceptable Use Policy, please Contact Us.